A technology company specialized in encryption technology used in advanced blockchain networks.

A few weeks ago our researchers found a pulse-codex device on our pulse network. It contains unknown technology and an encrypted message from unknown origin. We discovered the pulse-codex can en-crypt and de-crypt messages. We added help information on how to operate the machine for the public. The pulse-codex has AI and changes in time. Our attempts to crack the master-key with brute force failed because of a captcha mechanism. We need the help from the community to crack the master-key of the mysterious message. The pulse-codex has an ENQ wallet connected and users with a mailbox can buy hints in time. Users can buy a mailbox for 1 ENQ for a limited time, after the time limit the price will go up. The pulse-codex ENQ wallet is the reward you get for cracking the master-key. We advise you to read the info and help carefully and wish everyone good luck with hacking the master-key.

The purpose of the hack-event is to find the master-key of the encrypted message we received a few weeks ago on the pulse network. This sounds like an easy task but it is not, we used our entire datacenter to crack the code and did not succeed. We decided to ask all communities to help us and the winner of the event can earn up to 1500+ ENQ. The reward can get bigger in time because our engineers have found a way to get information from the pulse-codex. They discovered the pulse-codex gives hints if you sent ENQ to it. We and our partners transferred ENQ and got our logo's on the main page. If you want to become a parnter contact ENQ4ALL If you click on the inbox button you can setup a message box on the pulse-codex, read the instructions carefuly.

The main goal of encrypting is to prevent others to read your message for a specific receiver. Suppose you are in a classroom filled with students and you sit at the back and your friend 5 rows in front of you. You want to give your friend your new telephone number but do not want other students to read it when you ask them to pass it forward to your friend. The only way you can accomplish this is by encrypting it and your friend must know the master key to decrypt it. You send your friend the message "+316123456789", S. The name of my 1st pet. The note to your for your friend will look like: "53734969B6AC81ED545A2B503165643155322B624D34792B31724D6836773D3D,S. The name of my 1st pet!" The other students can not read your mobile number while your friend can decrypt it because he knows the name of your 1st pet was,\"bully\"Try if you can decrypt the encoded telephone number also. Read the help if you do not understand how the capcha works.
In the tutorial you will learn how to decrypt a message, you can use the same procedure to encrypt a message on the pulse-codex with your own master key. The buttons on top of the pulse-codex are not used for this tutorial. The white text area is used to copy and past your message, the message can not be decrypted if it contains white space(s). For this tutorial we used the encrypted phone number from the example above. The small dynamic equation you have to solve is called a captcha, the pulse-codex prevents brute force attempts with it. Rembember the captcha is limited time valid, if it takes to long before you decrypt you have to solve the new captcha. If you copy and paste the encrypted message above into the textarea and solve the captcha and click/press the de-crypt button you will get the de-crypted message, in this case the telephone number above. Please try what happens if you decrypt with a wrong master-key and experience the power of the pulse-codex. Also check what happens if you try to de-crypt a non encrypted message.